The Terrible Adverse Effects of CO2 Emissions on the Environment  

Greenhouse gases have made the Earth’s climate habitable for humans and animals by trapping heat from the sun. But, over the years, these gases aren’t in a balanced state and have threatened to bring adverse effects on the environment. The atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are recorded to be the most dangerous gases. The major reason why these gases remain so high is because of the burning of fossil fuels by humans. As a result, these gases absorb solar energy and help to keep heat close to Earth’s surface, instead of allowing it to escape into space. This process of capturing heat is termed the greenhouse effect.

As a result, the Earth’s weather and climate have drastically changed due to the excess trapping of these gases within our planet’s land surface. It is often described as the negative outcome which has emerged due to climate change. Climate change encompasses rising average temperatures and extreme weather changes.  

Gasoline Vehicles Produce High CO2 Emissions  

The transportation sector across the U.K. is the largest source of CO2 emissions as well as air pollution. It is recorded that millions of vehicles operate regularly on roads without being properly certified on-road emissions controls. This results in a high level of CO2 emissions and carries the capability of deteriorating the environment.  

According to the report recently published by the Guardian, the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars sold across the UK have dropped significantly to the lowest level. This is supported by the fact that there is an increase in the surge of electric vehicles. As per the reports, the average new car CO2 emissions fell by 11.2% to 119.7 g for every kilometre driven by the vehicle.  

The report further revealed that battery electric vehicles generally accounted for only 12% of UK sales during the year 2021, this is because they produce fewer exhaust emissions. Moreover, the rise in the increased sale of hybrids, encompassing a battery and an internal combustion engine will contribute to lower emissions. 

According to the statements revealed by the Mayor of London, road transport usually accounts for around half of the capital’s air pollution. There is no wonder that the UK government and local councils hope to increase the volume of electric vehicles in the coming years.  

Bottom Line  

The UK government has formed a target that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will get banned by 2040. Perhaps, they are finding ways to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging the use of electric cars. Plus, there is also a clear indication that the noise pollution in several cities will also be reduced. This aligns with the fact that cars remain far quieter than gasoline vehicles.  

On the other end, driving electric vehicles can create a peaceful environment. With the emergence of environmentally sustainable laws, there comes a widespread assertion of witnessing a scare-free future where our earth has gained sustainability. This will be possible with sustainable motoring that can preserve the biodiversity of our surroundings. 


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Sustainability is essential for preserving the environment for future generations. With car companies manufacturing electric vehicles, the automobile industry is taking a step toward creating a sustainable way of living.